Once upon a time....

Flash back to 1999, we were a family of four. Happy in our new roomy house and comfortable in our ways. A few years later, the Lord blessed us with an additional little package, little boy #3. Now we were a family of five and sure that would be the end. As time moved on, so did we. The Lord used the time that passed to open our eyes to His will. Several years ago, Bob and I individually heard the call to adoption. It has been a long "pregnancy", but during this incubation time, the Lord has brought us to where He wants us to be. Spring 2010, we traveled to Ethiopia where two little angels were waiting for the Lord's timing - to become our children. Now we are home and can't imagine life any differently! What a blessing to be in His will.

Galatians 4:5 says "God sent Christ to buy freedom for us, who were slaves to the law, so that He could adopt us as his very own children." We are just following his model. A Perfect picture of salvation.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We have taken to a traditional summer-time activity!  Catching fireflies.  We have three jars (yes, there are holes punched in the lids) and we fill them as much as possible.  Then after everyone is bathed, PJ-ed and teeth are brushed, we all file out onto the deck - in the dark - and set them free.  Tonight was a special night.  We went over to our friends' house and caught at least 100 fireflies in the field behind their house.  It was crazy fun!  We then participated in the little known firefly relocation program ~ we brought them home to finish the nightly ritual!  

It makes me think of the story in the Bible...when Jesus is born and all of these strangers are coming in to worship the newborn King...the scripture says that "Mary treasured these things in her heart".  This summer, as we all assimilate into one big family of seven, I am treasuring these events and feelings and observations in my heart.  Thank you Jesus for such a pure experience ~ catching fireflies!

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