Once upon a time....

Flash back to 1999, we were a family of four. Happy in our new roomy house and comfortable in our ways. A few years later, the Lord blessed us with an additional little package, little boy #3. Now we were a family of five and sure that would be the end. As time moved on, so did we. The Lord used the time that passed to open our eyes to His will. Several years ago, Bob and I individually heard the call to adoption. It has been a long "pregnancy", but during this incubation time, the Lord has brought us to where He wants us to be. Spring 2010, we traveled to Ethiopia where two little angels were waiting for the Lord's timing - to become our children. Now we are home and can't imagine life any differently! What a blessing to be in His will.

Galatians 4:5 says "God sent Christ to buy freedom for us, who were slaves to the law, so that He could adopt us as his very own children." We are just following his model. A Perfect picture of salvation.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ball caps to Bows

They say (whoever "they" are) that variety is the spice of life.  Well, if that is the case, we are very spicy here in our household!  One of our friends is fascinated with the "ghost pepper" which is said to be the hottest pepper on the hot scale.  Maybe we are as spicy as a ghost pepper!  We have everything from ball caps to bows.  We have cooperation and attitude.  We have spicy and sweet.  I am certain that the Lord knew what he was doing when he put all of these very different personalities and preferences in one household.  I am challenged every day to find a balance, to meet a variety of needs, to be certain that everyone feels loved and accepted, that boundaries are defined and reinforced.  It is a bit like being the captain of a ship.  The entire crew is dependent on our leadership.  Without sound leadership, we will get off course and the ship will likely sink.

In life, we choose to have God as our captain.  His leadership keeps us on course, our ship is secure.  We are assured that in His time, our ship will arrive at the appropriate destination.  I can't imagine sailing through life without His direction.  He can see beyond the horizon.  I don't have to worry about what I can't see, He sees it all.  So, as I look around at the variety in my household, I know that everyone of us has a part to play.  Every personality is specially designed for this family.  Celebrate the differences!


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